Why donate?

I hope you’ve been enjoying the bass lessons! If I’m helping you become a better bass player in whatever way possible, then I’m a happy guy.

For over a year Chris Tarry Lessons was a membership-only site, and we had a thriving community of like-minded bassists that studied with me through the use of the videos and virtual one-on-one mentorship. Unfortunately, touring, a growing family, and other time constraints made it difficult for me to continue the commitment, so I decided to throw open the doors and make the entire site completely free.

And you can continue to use it for free, the information is here for you to enjoy, to help you become the best bass player you can be.


If you make a donation of $20 or more, I’ll send you a link to download every one of my award-winning solo albums (nine albums in total), the sheet music to virtually every song on every album, and I’ll include an additional fifteen albums I’ve played on, some of which have never been released (this includes every Metalwood album.) That’s a total of 24 albums with accompanying sheet music for less than $1 per album.

Your donation will go a long way to keeping Chris Tarry Lessons totally free. It will also help me continue to create music, fill the Family Truckster with gas, and even buy a few boxes of diapers. Seriously, you can rest-assured that you’re contributing directly to supporting me, the artist, and this free bass resource that I’ve made available.

Thanks everyone, and keep on gettin’ better.

Chris Tarry