Walking: Triplets


Walking: Triplets

Jim from Canada had a question in the forums about implementing triplets into your walking. In this lesson I deconstruct the different ways I use when playing triplets during a standard walking feel. Remember, the focus is still on playing four quarter notes evenly (and with the same volume), but when you’re ready to move on, triplets (and ghost notes) are something you can start to add for a bit of excitement and color.

  1. jslo1234

    Thanks a bunch, Chris. That is exactly what I was looking for! I always find my triplets too sloppy because I get too arpeggiated (is that a word?) with them, trying too much with intervals. Keeping them in a simple shape (chromatic or root-five-octave) and ghost-note oriented is extremely helpful, as it concentrates more on the rhythmic aspect of the technique. Practicing them this way is really helping me from losing the rhythmic structure of the walking line, which has been somewhat of a danger for me before. I also love the non-stop triplet exercise. It’s a hoot. Looks like you were having lots of fun too.

    • Chris

      Glad you enjoyed the lesson, and yup, always the rhythm over note choice when it comes to triplets, or any other “color” that adds to a solid walking line. The walking line always comes first, the other stuff is just edited choices. Psyched to hear the lessons are helping!

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