Walking Bass – Autumn Leaves


Walking Bass – Autumn Leaves

I continue the series on walking with a look at one of the most common standards, Autumn Leaves. I take you through chord tone and passing tone construction, giving you the tools you need to develop your own strong walking lines.

Be sure to check out my book “The Bass Players Companion”, as it lays out the concepts covered in this walking series so you’re able to better follow along.

Download the backing track & chart

  1. Rick Barnwell
    Rick Barnwell03-05-2015


    Stumbled across your page looking for references for some of my bass students. Great video! I found a lot of the info would be useful for beginners and intermediate bass players, especially your choice of passing tones, it was a wonderfully musical approach to walking outside the standard chordal tones. I’ll definitely pass on the link. However, you might want to double-check some theory because it might confuse someone that isn’t as versed as you and I. For the A-7 chord you kept saying it went A-B-Bb-Db (lowE str. 5-7-8-9), it is, as I’m sure you totally know this and just made a simple mistake, A-B-C-Db (lowE str. 5-7-8-9).

    Just looking out for a fellow teacher brother! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

    -Rick Barnwell

    • Alan

      He totally confused me & I understand music theory. As well as wrong info I thought other problems are you can’t see what he’s playing very well & the sound of his bass isn’t that clear either.

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