The Importance of Knowing Tunes

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The Importance of Knowing Tunes

In this lesson I talk about the importance of learning tunes, especially when it comes to playing jazz. I’ve also included a downloadable list of “tunes every bass player should know” from my book. Check out the list. Tell me if I’ve left anything out. Are there a few on the list that don’t need to be on there? Let’s discuss.

  1. jslo1234

    A few tunes that come up regularly for me that aren’t on this list are:

    You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
    Out Of Nowhere
    I Should Care
    Fly Me to the Moon

    But that probably has to do with the limited range of players I perform with, more than anything. Most of these musicians have played with each other at different times, so the same tunes do the rounds.

    On a side note, and I know it’s not recommended professionally and is sometimes frowned upon, but I carry my ipad with me everywhere, and have all my fake books and sheets stored in iGigBook and Dropbox, plus I have iRealb as well for a range of transposable chord charts (great for working with singers who typically do tunes in very non-standard keys) – so literally thousands of tunes are available. I try to have all the main standard tunes memorized, but I don’t like to feel limited to only what I know. It’s fun having someone call a tune I’ve never even heard, let alone played before, and still manage a halfway decent facsimile of the song. If I just relied solely on the tunes I personally know, things could get pretty thin fairly fast. Again, that’s because of the part-time nature of what I do. i know it’s not what’s really expected in the fully rounded jobber’s professional toolbox.

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