Tape Yourself!

Tape Yourself

Tape Yourself!

I discuss the importance of taping everything you do bass wise. Whether your practicing or gigging, you should have a tape recorder running the entire time. It’ll tell you more about your own playing that almost anything else. I taped everything I played for years, but with cassette tapes. Remember cassettes?

  1. jslo1234

    I’ve taken your recommendation to heart and just purchased a Zoom H4N that they had on sale at Henry’s Photography. What an amazing device! So easy to use and really good sound reproduction. Good enough for even producing decent group demos. I’ve been playing around with that part of it with some bandmates, and we’re quite excited with the results.

    But the main thing is it’s turning into an excellent study tool, as you suggest. I’ve always been apprehensive about taping myself, but now I’m fully enthused and can’t wait to plug in at the end of the day, go through your lessons, record, and hear what’s working and what’s not. I’m starting to get to that point where I have no fear of hearing what’s wrong with some of the things I’ve been doing. There’s enough stuff that feels like it’s going right to keep me confident and motivated, and enough not going so well to keep me hungry and wanting to get better.

    • Chris

      Awesome Jim! Terrific purchase, keep me posted on how it’s going.


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