Spider Exercise – Technique


Spider Exercise – Technique

This is the lesson where I tell you how I developed a fluid left and right hand. A must for beginner and intermediate players looking to improve their technique!

  1. Kyle

    Hey Chris,

    These video lessons are great! I’m learning a lot from them.

    I’ve been playing upright bass more than electric for the last few years, but I’m starting to get into electric more as well. I find after playing upright all the time, I tend to use the first, second, and fourth finger upright technique on electric as well, and hardly ever use my third finger.

    I tried this exercise and found a few things that make it difficult for me to use one finger per fret, even in the high register:

    -When I put my hand on the fretboard, I find that my second and third fingers tend to point in towards each other, putting them in a bad spot that results in buzzing if I don’t move my whole hand to adjust to the proper spot.

    -My third finger which I hardly use on upright seems to be a lot weaker than the rest and can’t stay down as easy without putting my fourth finger down too. It’s hard to keep the knuckle closest to the tip of the finger rounded without it flattening out when I put pressure on it.

    -When I do the spider exercise and get to the third finger, my fourth finger wants to curl up and move away from the fretboard.

    I’m assuming this finger isn’t as strong or independent as the others because I hardly use it on upright, except in thumb position. I know this exercise would be good for the other three fingers anyway, but will it help build strength in the third finger and fix these problems or should I just stick to three fingers?


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