Soloing: Rhythmic Displacement

Rhythmic Displacement

Soloing: Rhythmic Displacement

Here I walk you through the concept of displacing your solo phrases by an 8th note, in other words, not starting your phrases on the downbeat. It’s a wonderful concept that will give your solos more sense of movement and make the simplest phrase sound more musical. Included is the chart for the song I use in the lesson (You Don’t Know What Love Is), as well as the backing track.

Download the Vamp & Chart

  1. adamp

    AMAZING PHRASING! I’d like to get a lesson on what you are doing as far as soloing over those changes. Great job Chris, sounds incredible.


    • Chris

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks, glad you dug it. Ill take a listen to what I’m doing and try and break it down in a follow up lesson. Consider it at the top of the filming list.


    • jslo1234

      @Adam – agreed!

  2. jslo1234

    Seriously, besides watching and listening to your amazing and fluid playing on this lesson, I have to emphasize what a great lesson it actually is. In my daily practices (in the evenings after my day job) I’ve been coupling this lesson with your phrasing lessons all week long. I used the playalong feature on the iRealb and just randomly went through a bunch of standards.

    I had a chance to put it all to work last night on my Friday gig, and I was extremely happy with the results. Someone requested Round Midnight – such a great tune – and I thought my solo had some genuine heart to it, and I’m pretty sure if it had happened last week, before this lesson, I would have had a bit more of a struggle on it. I was even able to conjure up the image of you doing your off-beat thumb gesture while I was soloing on the different tunes. For some reason that image really anchors the experience for me. That was weird!

    You mentioned in your blog about epiphanies. Well, I think this lesson is one of those for me. A lot of what I do is intuitive (read: self-taught), but once a light gets thrown into those dark areas, and suddenly the pattern of guessing is replaced by actually knowing, it makes a world of difference. Thank you, Sensei.

  3. Chris

    Thanks Jim and Adam! So glad to hear when a lesson really hits home. Keep up the great work!

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