Ask A Piano Player – Richard Samuels


Ask A Piano Player – Richard Samuels

Richard Samuels and I have played together for years. We go back to the days when I was just learning and Richard would hire me on jazz gigs and throw me into the fire as far as walking bass lines went. Tune after tune. Night after night. A lot of times, that’s what we need as bass players to develop, this idea of being thrown into the fire and having to learn on our feet.

Well, years later (twenty years?), Richard and I reconnected in New York and now play together again on a regular basis. I interviewed my old friend on a duo gig at a midtown restaurant. It’s was a little loud in there, but what Richard had to say about bass players is totally worth it.

  1. Gwen milloy
    Gwen milloy09-16-2014

    Hi Richard,

    Are you my old buddy from Sonora cafe.

    I love your music and am going to but all of your CD,s.

    PLease e-mail me


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