Playing Over The Bar


Playing Over The Bar

In this lesson I get together with famed New York drummer, Cliff Almond. We demonstrate how to play phrases “over the bar line” and talk about feeling time in “large chunks” so you don’t get lost.

Note: “Playing over the bar line” simply means, musical phrases that don’t resolve in the usual place. Typically, in a bass line, you’re playing a two or four bar pattern that repeats. Sometimes, resolving the pattern on a different beat AFTER it would have normally resolved is called “playing over the bar line.” It’s an important skill, but can be easy to get lost (in terms of where you are in the two or four bar cycle). In this lesson, Cliff and I demonstrate, and talk about how to remember where you are.

“Playing over the bar line” can also sometimes sound like the bass or the drums have “turned the beat around” (flipped where beats 1 & 3 are landing). This can be very confusing and requires a lot of confidence to not ACTUALLY turn the beat around.

I hope this little explanation helps with getting the most out of this lesson.

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