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  • Slap Bass 1

    Slap Bass #1

    Okay, you asked for it! Here’s my three part lesson on slap bass. Remember, take it slow, use a metronome, and Slap Da Bass. Enjoy!

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  • Modes 11

    Modes #1

    As an extension to the basic theory lessons, I put together a two part series on modes. Please make sure you’ve downloaded my book, The Bass Players Companion, it’ll lay out on paper everything I address in the video. Any questions, head on over to …

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  • Warm Ups

    How To Warm Up

    I step you though a series of warm-ups to ready your left and right hands for playing. I also take a look at a three-finger muting exercise I use to “focus” my right hand before a gig.

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  • chords-4

    Bass Chords #4

    In this final Chords lesson, I step you though playing “lush” triads on the bass, how through adding the fifth you can really beef up the sound of the classic 10th & root combination. I also look at playing over open strings, a beautiful sound …

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  • chords-3

    Bass Chords #3

    Here I take you through what I like to call “expensive” chords. I take a look at the Sus chords, minor and major 9 chords, and get you thinking about new ways in which to stretch those hands!
    As well, I’ve tracked down the article I …

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  • chords-2

    Bass Chords #2

    In this lesson, I look at the Minor 7 chord and take you through creating a II-V-I progression on the bass. As well, I’ve tracked down the article I wrote years ago for Canadian Musician Magazine on playing chords on the bass. It makes a …

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  • chorus_pedal

    The Chorus Pedal

    In this video, I talk about the chorus pedal, what I use it for, when I use it, and why. Do you have a chorus pedal sitting around collecting dust? Now might be the time to pull it out, plug it in, and switch it …

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