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  • Same Note

    The Same Note, Different Place

    The bass is a strange beast, and because of the way it’s laid out symmetrically, you can play the same note (in many instances) in more than two places on the neck. In this lesson I step you through the process of selecting the right …

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  • Jaco Pastorius - 3 views of a secret

    Bass Chords: Three Views of a Secret

    In this lesson I look at some of the chord shapes we’ve talked about in previous lessons, and demonstrate just how advanced you can be with simple bass chords played across three and four available strings. I use the example of the famous Jaco tune, …

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  • Fretless2

    Fretless #2

    In the first lesson we looked at “playing on the line” in terms of getting your fretless to in tune. Here I expand on the “left hand shimmy” that I talked about in lesson one, and look at how we can use the Shimmy to …

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  • Phrasing3

    How to Develop Your Phrasing #3

    Continuing on in the phrasing development series, I now let you have free reign of the bass but restrict the rhythm’s you’re allowed to play. Again, we’re developing the ability to listen to what we’ve just played and have it inform what we play next.
    Selkirk …

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  • Fretless1

    Fretless #1

    I was primarily a fretless bass player for over half of my career, and in this lesson I share with you some secrets on getting a good fretless sound, the construction of a fretless bass, and how to play in tune.

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  • Phrasing2

    How to Develop Your Phrasing #2

    Now we really get into the crux of the matter, some serious restriction in terms of what (and where) I let you play a particular phrase on the bass. We start to impose rules for ourselves that help focus, and develop our ability to determine …

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  • Walking In Two

    Walking in Two

    You can’t walk all the time, sometimes you have to skip, and that’s what walking in two feels like. Skip a few notes, make some longer, and do it all while the band is playing the melody to a jazz tune. I show you the …

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