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  • Strings


    It’s the question I get asked the most, “What strings do you use?” Here, I tell you, and I tell you why, and if you’re a beginner wondering what type of strings would be best for your bass, “why” is a really good thing. If …

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  • Pedal Board

    The Pedal Board

    Okay, so it should be said up front that the day I recorded this video, it was like eight thousand degrees in New York, and the studio was steaming! So, in order to keep cool and not melt on camera (and get all sweat-shinny), I …

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  • Melody

    Creating Melody

    In this composition lesson I talk about how to create good melodies, build story, intensity, and how to use your ears. I break out the Screen Casting program again and take a look at some melody concepts as they relate to a few of my …

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  • Sequencing


    In what will be a long standing series on composition, I break out my Screen Casting chops for this first video on some of the tools I use when composing. I stress the use of sequencers, and learning to program basic drum tracks, and I …

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  • Melanie

    Ask A Singer – Melanie Penn

    I got a chance to talk with one of my favorite singers in New York, the always-awesome Melanie Penn. We chat about what it’s like for singers in the toughest city in the world, and then I ask her about bass players, and Melanie has, …

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  • Strap Height

    Strap Height

    Here’s a great lesson on strap height. It’s a serious thing and I get a lot of questions on it. In fact, as you’ll see in the video, I’ve spent many years worrying about it so you don’t have to.
    Wondering how best to set …

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  • Right Bass

    The Right Bass

    Being a working bass player can often come down to the right bass in the right situation. In this video, I run through my four main basses and explain what musical situations each is used for. I talk about how I once believed one bass …

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