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  • drum_programming-3

    Drum Programming #3

    I have Ricky strap on the jazz chops. This time around it’s a more delicate jazz groove. I show you how to slow the sequencer down to get better accuracy, volume control and variation.

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  • chris_interview-1

    Cliff Almond Interviews Chris – Part I

    One of my favorite drummers in New York is Cliff Almond. You’ve already heard him on the “Over the bar” lesson a few weeks back. Here, Cliff sits down with me and asks me some questions about drummers. We talk about New York, and what …

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  • drum_programming-2

    Drum Programming #2

    I continue with the drum programming lesson, name the drummer Ricky, and show you how Ricky likes to change up the pattern.

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  • Pickup Selection

    Pickup Selection

    It’s the internal debate that haunts every bass player at every turn during a gig, at least it does me. Here I lay out what pickup to use and when, because, as I see it, a lot of players make the wrong choice.

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  • studio reading

    Studio #2 – Happy Artist & Reading

    Part II of I’ behind the scenes lesson on improving your studio chops. In this lesson I take a look at the written music, emphasizes the importance of reading, and talk about what it takes to keep the artist happy in the studio.

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  • playing_over_bar

    Playing Over The Bar

    In this lesson I get together with famed New York drummer, Cliff Almond. We demonstrate how to play phrases “over the bar line” and talk about feeling time in “large chunks” so you don’t get lost.
    Note: “Playing over the bar line” simply means, musical phrases …

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  • drum_programming-1

    Drum Programming #1

    It’s finally here! The drum programming lesson. I’m very sorry it took so long, the computers were acting up here at CT HQ, and then to top-it-all-off, my keyboard decided to stop working. Anyway, new keyboard is now taking up space in the studio (the …

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