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  • melodic_minor_2

    Melodic Minor Scale #2

    So, I decided to go back in and re-shoot the melodic minor lessons. First off, the sound was terrible back when the last melodic minor lessons were filmed, and I wanted to fix that. Second, the Melodic Minor lessons proved to be very popular (even …

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  • metronome-3

    Make Your Metronome Work #3

    In this final lesson on working with your metronome, I talk about triplets and placing the metronome clicks on specific beats. By utilizing triplets, you start to hear the metronome against what it is you’re playing. This is a wonderful tool when developing your internal …

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  • metronome-2

    Make Your Metronome Work #2

    In the second part of this lesson series on working with your metronome, I show you how to stretch the time so you’re hearing less clicks and improving your internal feel.

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  • metronome-1

    Make Your Metronome Work #1

    I decided it would be a good idea to expand on the Metronome lesson, so I’ve gone and replaced the original video with three brand-new ones! Yup, here’s part one of the revamped metronome lesson on improving your time, getting your metronome to swing, and …

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  • Note Length

    Note Length

    There’s note length, and then there’s note length. In this lesson, I teach you how to pay attention to the details, because the groove really is in the details.

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  • chris_interview-2

    Cliff Almond Interviews Chris #2

    Part II of Cliff asking me about drummers, New York, and what it takes to make a living in the toughest music city on the planet.

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  • bass distortion pedal

    The Distortion Pedal

    After the Boss-OC3, what’s my second most important pedal? That’s right, it’s a little bit of distortion. And by little bit, I mean, just a smidgen. I walk you though the secrets behind successfully using a distortion pedal in a live situation (because it ain’t …

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