Odd Time – 11/8


Odd Time – 11/8

In this lesson, I borrow Cliff Almond’s drumming ability once again to talk about playing in odd time signatures. As an example, we use one of my tunes called, “McCann Can Blues”, a blues in a very odd feeling time signature. Cliff and I talk a bit about how we approach the tune, and some ways to make odd-times easier to hear.

Here’s a copy of the chart for the tune used in the lesson: McCannBlues

  1. Ian

    Great stuff! So if a drummer and bassist want to get together to work on odd meters and stretching out, what’s the best way to stay honest? Play along with a metronome? Sometimes if I’m stretching out (even in 4/4) or the drummer is going out, there can be a discrepancy on where the “one” is.

    I agree with you and Cliff, it is a collective. Say the band is doing hits, while a drummer is soloing, if the drummer or me or whatever band member is feeling the hits a little off…at some point, the band has to zone in and adjust. (hope that makes sense) It’s not about who is right or wrong…on the gig, it’s a team effort.

    HOWEVER, when shedding/practicing and trying to improve your or a collectives internal clock, how do you stay honest?

    Thanks for the cool lesson.

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