Melodic Minor Scale #2


Melodic Minor Scale #2

So, I decided to go back in and re-shoot the melodic minor lessons. First off, the sound was terrible back when the last melodic minor lessons were filmed, and I wanted to fix that. Second, the Melodic Minor lessons proved to be very popular (even with the bad sound), and I wanted to break the information (which is difficult) into smaller chunks.

So here they are, the new Melodic Minor lessons!

As mentioned in the video, be sure to download your members copy of my book, The Bass Players Companion. There you’ll find a written version of a lot of the information covered in these lessons. The melodic minor information I cover in this series of videos is located in the book under the sections: Melodic Minor Harmony, and Altered Lines.

Another note: I refer to the Altered Dominant Scale in this video. In the book, that scale is simply called the Altered Scale. Check it out in the book, get it under your fingers, and it will help with the difficult material presented in these lessons (same goes for the Melodic Minor Scale, Lydian b7 Scale, and Lydian #5 Scale).

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