Let’s Play A Duet

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Let’s Play A Duet

Download the notation

Here’s a special lesson I’m really excited about! Want to work on your reading? Some of the best material available to make you a better reader is classical music. Let’s face it, learning to read music can be a little dry, so what I do is play duets with friends, and it’s a great sight-reading workout. I’ve found the best duets for bass come from cello music. The range of the cello (notation wise) is similar to the bass, so cello duets work great.

Here’s what I’ve done. I’ve created three videos for this lesson. The main lesson up top (with me playing both parts in split screen), and two additional videos (below) of me playing each part so you can play along with me. Just download the music (download link is below the main lesson), pick the part you want to play, and then watch the video of me playing the opposite part. It’s that simple./p>

As a side note, there’s a few edits in a couple of the videos because I had to line them up by ear in iMovie, and it was difficult to get both parts working seamlessly. Because of it, I cut the video here and there to make the two parts fit together better.


Part One:

Part Two:

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