Studio #2 – Happy Artist & Reading

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Studio #2 – Happy Artist & Reading

Part II of I’ behind the scenes lesson on improving your studio chops. In this lesson I take a look at the written music, emphasizes the importance of reading, and talk about what it takes to keep the artist happy in the studio.

  1. Benny

    Hey Chris your videos are really insightful, thanks for making them available for free. My question is, how big of a deal is it if you make a mistake when sight reading? Do you just over dub that little part or does the whole bad have to do another take?

    • Chris

      Hey Benny,

      It’s not a big deal, overdubbing is always available, it’s usually the drum track that is the focus during tracking, as it’s hard to fix drums if there’s a mistake. That said, it’s rare to be truly sight-reading on a studio date when it comes to backing up an artist (it’s more common when doing corporate work like jingles etc). There’s usually a rehearsal, or at the very least, some time to run through the chart as a band before the red light goes on.

    • Victory

      Your post captures the issue pertycfle!

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