Getting On The Plane…


Getting On The Plane…

“Excuse me, Sir. That won’t fit in the overhead, you’ll have to gate check it.” Gate check it! GATE CHECK IT!

You’ve all heard this one before. In this lesson, I let you in on a few bass travel secrets. Go lite, turn it upside down, and get your bass on board. You’ll see what I’m talking about, just watch the video. Oh, and sorry about the audio, I’m still getting it together on how to use his fancy new microphone. It ran out of juice on this one so what you hear is the camera audio.

  1. Ty Price
    Ty Price01-27-2015

    Hey Chris:
    Very helpful! Btw, will u be posting a lesson on the music business e.g. contracts,
    international travel, accommodations, pay scale, royalties etc.?
    Best Regards,

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