Drum Programming #1


Drum Programming #1

It’s finally here! The drum programming lesson. I’m very sorry it took so long, the computers were acting up here at CT HQ, and then to top-it-all-off, my keyboard decided to stop working. Anyway, new keyboard is now taking up space in the studio (the AKAI LPK25, yes, it’s super-tiny). So here it is, part I of the drum programming lesson.

  1. John Gowrie
    John Gowrie09-17-2013

    Cool stuff! You keyboard has velocity sensitive keys I guess? This approach of using separate tracks makes a lost of sense that didn’t really occur to me before… I’ve been using an iOS drum machine ( DM1 ) but this look much more flexible… now I have to get a keyboard

  2. Adam Prado
    Adam Prado01-11-2014

    This is the most valuable lesson I have seen away from my bass.

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