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  • Rhythm Changes 1

    Rhythm Changes #1

    After the blues came one of the most commonly played progressions in jazz: Rhythm changes. Based on the classic song “I Got Rhythm”, it spawned countless of other tunes using the same chord progression. I step you though it, show you how to memorize it, …

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  • Odd Time

    Odd-Time Walking

    One of the most common odd-time feels, I break down how to feel odd-time by demonstrating how to play in 5/4. This lesson is equally applicable to 7/4, or another time signature. Learn how to feel it, how to count it, and you’ll never get …

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  • Large Time

    LARGE Time: feeling 4, 16, 32 bars!

    This lesson is a great companion to the “Up tempo Walking” video. Feeling large increments of time will help you develop a solid foundation when it comes to time, form, and keeping up with those crazy drummers. Never get lost again!

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  • jazz-blues-2

    Learning a Jazz Blues #2

    Here’s the second lesson in the Jazz Blues series.
    Be sure to check out lesson number one before moving on to this video. Enjoy!

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  • jazz-blues-2

    Learning a Jazz Blues #1

    Learning to play (walk) a Jazz Blues is one of the best things you can do for your jazz knowledge. Why? Because a good percentage of all the jazz tunes you’ll ever be asked to learn are based on it. You learn this, and you’re …

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  • walking_autumn_leaves

    Walking Bass – Autumn Leaves

    I continue the series on walking with a look at one of the most common standards, Autumn Leaves. I take you through chord tone and passing tone construction, giving you the tools you need to develop your own strong walking lines.
    Be sure to check out …

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  • Walking Blue Bossa1

    Walking Bass – Blue Bossa

    I expand on my “putting it all together” theme from the last lesson in the walking series with a look at the common standard tune, Blue Bossa. Similar to my take on using ballads to begin walking through changes, I look at the bossa nova …

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