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  • melodic_minor_2

    Melodic Minor Scale #2

    So, I decided to go back in and re-shoot the melodic minor lessons. First off, the sound was terrible back when the last melodic minor lessons were filmed, and I wanted to fix that. Second, the Melodic Minor lessons proved to be very popular (even …

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  • Blues Scale Lick

    From Blues Scale to Blues Licks

    Ever wonder how to get that blues scale sounding like something other than a blues scale? In this lesson I show you how to sound like your girlfriend just left and took the dog with her.

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  • Phrasing

    Phrasing Development

    Building your phrasing on electric bass can be a tricky proposition. This lesson will give you the tools to start phrasing like the masters, like saxophone players, like piano players, like the guitarist in your band. You’ll be on your way and taking the bass …

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  • Fingerboard Kowledge

    Fretboard Knowledge

    Having trouble really getting to know your fingerboard? This is the lesson for you. A life long quest (learning your fingerboard) is what this lesson will set you up with, and I guarantee it, you’ll see results right away!

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