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  • bass loops 1

    Looping #1

    I get a lot of questions on my particular take on looping. I’m not one of those guys who loops part-over-part in order to make a kind of one man band. I prefer to use looping musically, and in live playing situations. In this lesson, …

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  • Rhythmic Displacement

    Soloing: Rhythmic Displacement

    Here I walk you through the concept of displacing your solo phrases by an 8th note, in other words, not starting your phrases on the downbeat. It’s a wonderful concept that will give your solos more sense of movement and make the simplest phrase sound …

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  • Slipnslide2

    The Slip N’ Slide #2

    In this lesson we randomize the key centers even more by creating a “video cue card” of sorts. No time, no warning, and your hands have to react to the changing keys. We’re once again sticking with Major7th chords, but once you get good at …

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  • Slipnslide1

    The Slip N’ Slide #1

    In this lesson I take a look at key centers and getting your fretting hand to move as little as possible when changing keys. A lot of players gravitate to the spot on the neck where they feel most comfortable with a scale, or key, …

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  • Phrasing3

    How to Develop Your Phrasing #3

    Continuing on in the phrasing development series, I now let you have free reign of the bass but restrict the rhythm’s you’re allowed to play. Again, we’re developing the ability to listen to what we’ve just played and have it inform what we play next.
    Selkirk …

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  • Phrasing2

    How to Develop Your Phrasing #2

    Now we really get into the crux of the matter, some serious restriction in terms of what (and where) I let you play a particular phrase on the bass. We start to impose rules for ourselves that help focus, and develop our ability to determine …

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  • Power Fourths

    Put Some Fourths in Your Soloing

    I delve into the study of 4th’s (the interval), and it’s specific use in creating interesting solo lines. Piano players do it. Saxophone players do it. Why not you? This lesson is a great way to expand your soling vocabulary, check it out!

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