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  • Pentatonics 2

    Pentatonics #2

    More pentatonic’s are a good thing. I expand on my previous lesson by showing you how to incorporate them into your soloing.

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  • Other Scales 1

    Other Scales #1

    In this lesson, I continue the theory lessons with a look at a few other scales; melodic minor, harmonic minor, and diminished. I talk a bit about the importance of the melodic minor scale and start to look at different harmonic systems (other than the …

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  • Diminished Scale 31

    Diminished Scale Harmony #3

    Here’s the final lesson in the diminished scale series. This is where it all comes together, but you need to watch the other two lessons first, so make sure you do that. Enjoy!

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  • Diminished Scale 21

    Diminished Scale Harmony #2

    Here’s the second lesson in my series on the diminished scale and all it’s possibilities. And when we’re talking possibilities with this scale, there are a lot. So be sure to check out the first lesson before moving on. Enjoy!

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  • diminished-scale-1

    Diminished Scale Harmony #1

    Did you enjoy the lessons on Melodic Minor Scale Harmony? If so, here’s the next step, the diminished scale. This is advanced stuff, so take it slow, stop the video, and be sure to download my instructional book, it’ll show you the two diminished scales …

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  • Modes 2

    Modes #2

    This is the second lesson on Modes in my basic theory course. Be sure you’ve watched the first part before attempting the information presented here. And again, be sure to download mt book The Bass Players Companion, it has all the modes written out for …

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  • Modes 11

    Modes #1

    As an extension to the basic theory lessons, I put together a two part series on modes. Please make sure you’ve downloaded my book, The Bass Players Companion, it’ll lay out on paper everything I address in the video. Any questions, head on over to …

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