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  • Pentatonics 11

    Pentatonics #1

    Okay, so something went wrong with the camera’s auto-focus on this one, but the info here is still valid! I step you though different ways of using pentatonic’s in your soloing. Then, I take a look at how to see them (visually) on your fingerboard, …

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  • melodic_minor_1

    Melodic Minor Scale #1

    So, I decided to go back in and re-shoot the melodic minor lessons. First off, the sound was terrible back when the last melodic minor lessons were filmed, and I wanted to fix that. Second, the Melodic Minor lessons proved to be very popular (even …

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  • Harmonics 2

    Harmonics #2

    In this lesson I continue the topic on harmonics and take a look at “false” harmonics. Jaco also made these type famous in the tune “Birdland”. If you’ve never heard it, head on over to iTunes or your favorite download spot and pick up a …

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  • Harmonics 1

    Harmonics #1

    Jaco brought harmonics to the forefront when he released his first solo album back in the day. Ever since players have been using them for more than just tuning their bass. In this video I show you the basics, how they work, where to pick …

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  • Scale Patterns E1373043188977

    Scale Patterns #2

    Picking up where we left off in Scale Patterns #1, I move over to the pentatonic scale and show you how cool a four note scale pattern can sound when applied to this scale.

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  • Scale Patterns E1373043188977

    Scale Patterns #1

    Here I take a look at different scale patterns (also called digital patterns) that can help us get inside our scales a bit more. The type of pattern you choose can be up to you, as long as it has a logical system to it. …

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  • Jaco Pastorius - 3 views of a secret

    Bass Chords: Three Views of a Secret

    In this lesson I look at some of the chord shapes we’ve talked about in previous lessons, and demonstrate just how advanced you can be with simple bass chords played across three and four available strings. I use the example of the famous Jaco tune, …

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