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  • playing_over_bar

    Playing Over The Bar

    In this lesson I get together with famed New York drummer, Cliff Almond. We demonstrate how to play phrases “over the bar line” and talk about feeling time in “large chunks” so you don’t get lost.
    Note: “Playing over the bar line” simply means, musical phrases …

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  • Pick 1

    Playing with a Pick #1

    Have you tried it? It’s the new slapping, it’s the new funky, it’s playing with a pick Chris Tarry style and I think you’re going to want to add it to you bag of tricks.

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  • Pick 2

    Playing with a Pick #2

    So John from Vegas had some good questions about my take on the funky Bobby Vega pick style. So many great questions, in fact, that I decided to do a follow-up video in hopes that it may shed some more light on this particularly awesome …

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  • Creating Groove

    Creating a Groove

    What’s this lesson all about? It’s about building a groove, it’s about keeping good time, it’s about how to play less and have the band leader love you, which is nice, to be loved. Mostly it’s about how to play a simple idea, create some …

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  • Sixteenth

    Sixteenth Notes

    Wondering how all those funk guys get their sixteenth note grooves together? How does Rocco from Tower of Power do it? This lesson will set you off in the right direction!

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