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  • odd_time_11-8

    Odd Time – 11/8

    In this lesson, I borrow Cliff Almond’s drumming ability once again to talk about playing in odd time signatures. As an example, we use one of my tunes called, “McCann Can Blues”, a blues in a very odd feeling time signature. Cliff and I talk …

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  • Flat 7

    Flat 7 Your Way to Basic Funk

    It’s the note that will change your life. Yes, it’s the flat 7. What is it? Where do you find it? Well, the answer to that is in this lesson. Check it out, I will have you playing funky bass lines in seconds!
    And along the …

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  • metronome-3

    Make Your Metronome Work #3

    In this final lesson on working with your metronome, I talk about triplets and placing the metronome clicks on specific beats. By utilizing triplets, you start to hear the metronome against what it is you’re playing. This is a wonderful tool when developing your internal …

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  • metronome-2

    Make Your Metronome Work #2

    In the second part of this lesson series on working with your metronome, I show you how to stretch the time so you’re hearing less clicks and improving your internal feel.

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  • metronome-1

    Make Your Metronome Work #1

    I decided it would be a good idea to expand on the Metronome lesson, so I’ve gone and replaced the original video with three brand-new ones! Yup, here’s part one of the revamped metronome lesson on improving your time, getting your metronome to swing, and …

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  • Note Length

    Note Length

    There’s note length, and then there’s note length. In this lesson, I teach you how to pay attention to the details, because the groove really is in the details.

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  • Pickup Selection

    Pickup Selection

    It’s the internal debate that haunts every bass player at every turn during a gig, at least it does me. Here I lay out what pickup to use and when, because, as I see it, a lot of players make the wrong choice.

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