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  • melodic_minor_1

    Melodic Minor Scale #1

    So, I decided to go back in and re-shoot the melodic minor lessons. First off, the sound was terrible back when the last melodic minor lessons were filmed, and I wanted to fix that. Second, the Melodic Minor lessons proved to be very popular (even …

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  • Other Scales 2

    Other Scales #2

    Moving on with some other scales, I take a look at the whole tone scale and chromatic scale. I investigate different ways to shift while playing a chromatic scale and explains why the whole tone scale is one of the least played scales.

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  • Other Scales 1

    Other Scales #1

    In this lesson, I continue the theory lessons with a look at a few other scales; melodic minor, harmonic minor, and diminished. I talk a bit about the importance of the melodic minor scale and start to look at different harmonic systems (other than the …

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  • Tensions 2

    Tensions #2

    I continue my look at tensions, talks about the available tensions on a minor 7th chord and look at how we invert arpeggios and available tensions.
    As a guide, I have provided a PDF list of all available tensions on every chord quality. This list is …

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  • Tensions 1

    Tensions #1

    The tensions on a given chord are a long way from the concerns of many bass players (meaning we’re usually focused on the root note of a chord), and because of this, tensions are often overlooked. But they’re an important part of understanding a chords …

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  • Ear Training

    Ear Training

    In this lesson I work on establishing an Ear Training routine though my “establishing C” exercise. It’s fun and helpful, and hey, there’s a pencil involved. This lesson is a great companion with both interval lessons.

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  • Intervals 21

    Intervals #2

    In this lesson, I continue my look at intervals by taking the “sound” you learned in Intervals #1 and relating it to “shapes” on the fingerboard.

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