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    Let’s Play A Duet

    Here’s a special lesson I’m really excited about! Want to work on your reading? Some of the best material available to make you a better reader is classical music. Let’s face it, learning to read music can be a little dry, so what I do …

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  • Learn Tunes E1373043146186

    The Importance of Knowing Tunes

    In this lesson I talk about the importance of learning tunes, especially when it comes to playing jazz. I’ve also included a downloadable list of “tunes every bass player should know” from my book. Check out the list. Tell me if I’ve left anything out. …

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  • Highlight Charts

    Highlighting Your Charts

    Here’s a third video to go along with the other two lessons on charts. This is a handy little device I use to make sure I don’t get lost when reading dense material on a gig. Very basic concept with huge results! Try it the …

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  • Same Note

    The Same Note, Different Place

    The bass is a strange beast, and because of the way it’s laid out symmetrically, you can play the same note (in many instances) in more than two places on the neck. In this lesson I step you through the process of selecting the right …

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  • Ear Training

    Ear Training

    In this lesson I work on establishing an Ear Training routine though my “establishing C” exercise. It’s fun and helpful, and hey, there’s a pencil involved. This lesson is a great companion with both interval lessons.

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  • Intervals 21

    Intervals #2

    In this lesson, I continue my look at intervals by taking the “sound” you learned in Intervals #1 and relating it to “shapes” on the fingerboard.

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  • Intervals 1

    Intervals #1

    I break all intervals into sing-able melodies by relating each interval leap to a recognizable tune.
    Here’s the list of ascending and descending tunes that I attach to each interval. If you can think of some other examples than the ones I mention here, post them …

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