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  • Looping 2

    Looping #2

    In this lesson I get away from playing “pads” and look at how we can create a “sub-bass” part that loops in a way that won’t distract a drummer or the rest of the band. Again, I look at how to use looping in a …

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  • bass loops 1

    Looping #1

    I get a lot of questions on my particular take on looping. I’m not one of those guys who loops part-over-part in order to make a kind of one man band. I prefer to use looping musically, and in live playing situations. In this lesson, …

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  • chorus_pedal

    The Chorus Pedal

    In this video, I talk about the chorus pedal, what I use it for, when I use it, and why. Do you have a chorus pedal sitting around collecting dust? Now might be the time to pull it out, plug it in, and switch it …

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  • bass distortion pedal

    The Distortion Pedal

    After the Boss-OC3, what’s my second most important pedal? That’s right, it’s a little bit of distortion. And by little bit, I mean, just a smidgen. I walk you though the secrets behind successfully using a distortion pedal in a live situation (because it ain’t …

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  • drum_programming-3

    Drum Programming #3

    I have Ricky strap on the jazz chops. This time around it’s a more delicate jazz groove. I show you how to slow the sequencer down to get better accuracy, volume control and variation.

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  • Pickup Selection

    Pickup Selection

    It’s the internal debate that haunts every bass player at every turn during a gig, at least it does me. Here I lay out what pickup to use and when, because, as I see it, a lot of players make the wrong choice.

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  • drum_programming-2

    Drum Programming #2

    I continue with the drum programming lesson, name the drummer Ricky, and show you how Ricky likes to change up the pattern.

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