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  • Jaco Pastorius - 3 views of a secret

    Bass Chords: Three Views of a Secret

    In this lesson I look at some of the chord shapes we’ve talked about in previous lessons, and demonstrate just how advanced you can be with simple bass chords played across three and four available strings. I use the example of the famous Jaco tune, …

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  • Walking In Two

    Walking in Two

    You can’t walk all the time, sometimes you have to skip, and that’s what walking in two feels like. Skip a few notes, make some longer, and do it all while the band is playing the melody to a jazz tune. I show you the …

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  • Walking In Three

    Walking in Three

    This might be my favorite feel ever. It’s a classic, and something you must have together before holding down any gig, especially jazz gigs. Check out this lesson, you’ll be Waltzing Matilda quicker than you can count to three.

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  • Walking Uptempo

    Up-Tempo Walking

    I show you how to relax and feel larger increments of time in order to control your walking at fast tempos. Get ready. Set. Go. We’re walking warp speed in this one.

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  • Rhythm Changes 2

    Rhythm Changes #2

    I build on my first rhythm changes lesson, bump up the tempo, and show you a few more tricks for getting around this popular progression.

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  • Rhythm Changes 1

    Rhythm Changes #1

    After the blues came one of the most commonly played progressions in jazz: Rhythm changes. Based on the classic song “I Got Rhythm”, it spawned countless of other tunes using the same chord progression. I step you though it, show you how to memorize it, …

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  • Odd Time

    Odd-Time Walking

    One of the most common odd-time feels, I break down how to feel odd-time by demonstrating how to play in 5/4. This lesson is equally applicable to 7/4, or another time signature. Learn how to feel it, how to count it, and you’ll never get …

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