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  • Ghost Notes

    Walking Bass – Ghost Notes

    In this lesson, I expand on the walking concept, and I start to add a few little tricks. But never too many tricks that it hides the bass line. Check it out. It’s how to create ghost notes while improvising a walking bass line.

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  • Walking Concept

    Walking Bass – The Concept Lesson

    Whether you’re just learning how to walk, or already out there playing gigs, you need to check out this lesson on my concept behind walking on the electric bass. No more stares from the rest of the band when you pull out your electric. Use …

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  • Learn Tunes E1373043146186

    The Importance of Knowing Tunes

    In this lesson I talk about the importance of learning tunes, especially when it comes to playing jazz. I’ve also included a downloadable list of “tunes every bass player should know” from my book. Check out the list. Tell me if I’ve left anything out. …

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  • Rhythmic Displacement

    Soloing: Rhythmic Displacement

    Here I walk you through the concept of displacing your solo phrases by an 8th note, in other words, not starting your phrases on the downbeat. It’s a wonderful concept that will give your solos more sense of movement and make the simplest phrase sound …

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  • Slipnslide2

    The Slip N’ Slide #2

    In this lesson we randomize the key centers even more by creating a “video cue card” of sorts. No time, no warning, and your hands have to react to the changing keys. We’re once again sticking with Major7th chords, but once you get good at …

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  • Slipnslide1

    The Slip N’ Slide #1

    In this lesson I take a look at key centers and getting your fretting hand to move as little as possible when changing keys. A lot of players gravitate to the spot on the neck where they feel most comfortable with a scale, or key, …

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  • Triplets

    Walking: Triplets

    Jim from Canada had a question in the forums about implementing triplets into your walking. In this lesson I deconstruct the different ways I use when playing triplets during a standard walking feel. Remember, the focus is still on playing four quarter notes evenly (and …

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