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  • Learn Tunes E1373043146186

    The Importance of Knowing Tunes

    In this lesson I talk about the importance of learning tunes, especially when it comes to playing jazz. I’ve also included a downloadable list of “tunes every bass player should know” from my book. Check out the list. Tell me if I’ve left anything out. …

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  • Highlight Charts

    Highlighting Your Charts

    Here’s a third video to go along with the other two lessons on charts. This is a handy little device I use to make sure I don’t get lost when reading dense material on a gig. Very basic concept with huge results! Try it the …

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  • studio reading

    Studio #2 – Happy Artist & Reading

    Part II of I’ behind the scenes lesson on improving your studio chops. In this lesson I take a look at the written music, emphasizes the importance of reading, and talk about what it takes to keep the artist happy in the studio.

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  • studio-1

    Studio #1 – What to bring, How to set up

    I take the camera along to a studio session and show you what I bring, how I set up, and how I approach being a sideman on a recording date. It’s the inside scoop, is what I’m saying.

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  • Transport

    New York Transport

    In this lesson I talk about my favorite piece of gear, my GruvGear cart. It helps me get my stuff around New York, because getting gear around New York is a major pain. A transport cart is the piece of equipment that makes my “one …

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  • Plane

    Getting On The Plane…

    “Excuse me, Sir. That won’t fit in the overhead, you’ll have to gate check it.” Gate check it! GATE CHECK IT!
    You’ve all heard this one before. In this lesson, I let you in on a few bass travel secrets. Go lite, turn it upside down, …

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  • Nailing Gig Nocharts

    Nailing The Gig #2 (without Charts)

    The second in the series of preparing for a gig that requires you to walk in and nail it. Here I discuss the techniques I use to memorize a lot of material in short amount of time. It’s about listening, it’s about planning, it’s about …

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