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  • Strings E1373030139296

    How To Change Your Strings

    Are your strings feeling kind of, BLAH? Well, it might be time to give them a change. In this lesson I show you a few tricks when it comes to changing your strings that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy!

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  • Fretless2

    Fretless #2

    In the first lesson we looked at “playing on the line” in terms of getting your fretless to in tune. Here I expand on the “left hand shimmy” that I talked about in lesson one, and look at how we can use the Shimmy to …

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  • Fretless1

    Fretless #1

    I was primarily a fretless bass player for over half of my career, and in this lesson I share with you some secrets on getting a good fretless sound, the construction of a fretless bass, and how to play in tune.

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  • Ear Training

    Ear Training

    In this lesson I work on establishing an Ear Training routine though my “establishing C” exercise. It’s fun and helpful, and hey, there’s a pencil involved. This lesson is a great companion with both interval lessons.

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  • Intervals 21

    Intervals #2

    In this lesson, I continue my look at intervals by taking the “sound” you learned in Intervals #1 and relating it to “shapes” on the fingerboard.

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  • Intervals 1

    Intervals #1

    I break all intervals into sing-able melodies by relating each interval leap to a recognizable tune.
    Here’s the list of ascending and descending tunes that I attach to each interval. If you can think of some other examples than the ones I mention here, post them …

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  • Tune Bass

    How To Tune Your Bass

    Okay, so you probably bought your bass in tune, but that won’t last long. In this lesson I show you three ways to tune your bass, pick the one that works best for you!

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