Ask A Drummer – Ben Wittman

Ben Wittman

Ask A Drummer – Ben Wittman

Drummer Ben Wittman is one seriously busy dude. His tenure in New York has included recording and performing with a diverse range of artists from Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, Jonatha Brooke, Rosanne Cash, Paula Cole, to Don Byron and contemporary Celtic artists Eileen Ivers, Solas and Cathie Ryan. Along with his many drumming duties, Ben is also a sought-after producer and engineer.

I caught up with him on our weekly gig on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and asked him what he thinks about bass players, and his answers were, of course, insightful, and full of the kind of wisdom you can only get from such a storied career.

  1. Gary Braucht
    Gary Braucht03-16-2014

    Ben I picked up a CD at a Flea Market today (Kathy Noonan) and got to hear you drum for my first time. I’ve been drumming since age 10 and I’m now 62 and still at it. I just had to look you up and learn about you. I never imagined I’d have an opportunity to send you a note. Your style is exactly what I would strive to play. Then the recorded sound of your drums is second to none. They sound so full and perfectly resonating. Tuned to perfection. Thanks for the fabulous listen and count me as a fan. I hope all is well with you these days and keep pumping out the good stuff.

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