Develop Your Soloing Facility

Develop Solo

Develop Your Soloing Facility

Hey, check it out, in this lesson I let you know how you can work on develop your soling facility. I talk about throwing out the theory and scales (at first) so you can concentrate on developing your technique and ability to play quicker lines. Basically I tell you that time is the most important when you want to play faster, and I show you how I developed some of my own soloing lines. There’s talk about the chromatic scale, position shifting and a whole lot more.

The new audio recorder ran out of memory near the end of the lesson, so the sound shifts to the camera mic. I was so angry I ran out and bought a memory card that’s like 16 GB or something. So yeah, it’ll never happen again. Nothing but smooth audio skies from here on in.

  1. Pedro Rico
    Pedro Rico05-18-2014

    Hi Chris,
    Can you please tell me what kind of drum machine you have?
    It has a great drum sound.
    Love your videos!

  2. Vic

    Hi Chris,
    Do you have an bass lesson on Bass Chords Comping?

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  4. George Gardner
    George Gardner03-10-2017

    Hey Chris, great video! I was wondering if you could explain how one would apply the chromatic scale to your soloing?

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